Who are your customers?

Woman using phone - who are your customers

By using social media platforms your business can reach customers new and existing. But why would a customer choose to follow, engage and use your business?

Where does your customer spend their time online?

This is key to ensuring your efforts are in the right place. I’ve included some insight* into the percentage of adults using the most popular platforms below. We now live in a society where scrolling through our phones is the norm. So your business needs to be where the attention is.

  • 68% of adults use Facebook
  • 35% of adults use Instagram
  • 24% of adults use Twitter
  • 25% of adults use LinkedIn
  • 29% of adults use Pinterest
  • 27% of adults use Snapchat
*figures from sprout social for 2019

Which platform do you feel would suit your customers? Try searching for relevant keywords and hashtags on each platform. If there are lots of conversations about your relevant hashtag or a relevant audience, it might be a good place for your business.

What problem are they trying to solve?

Your customer is looking for happiness and solutions to their problems.
We’re familiar with using Google for searching, but Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin all have search functions. Hashtags and location are great for finding businesses that provide the goods and services customers are looking for.
How can you market to them as your product or service is the solution to their problem? What questions would they ask a search engine to find you?

For example – if you run a local garage, you might want to create content around ‘Getting the car ready for a long trip’. This brings people into your business and they can see what goods and services you offer.

Where does social media fit in your customer journey?

Social media is all about attention.

It’s the first step to getting people into your community and understanding your business.

It’s a great way to bring people to your shop (both physical and online), or to request your services.

It shouldn’t, however, be an additional place to collect orders or payments, initially focus on using social media for attention and growing a community.

Are you giving value and being yourself?

The key is to be genuine and true to your business and your values. If a follower of your content feels your business values match their own they’re more likely to become a customer.
Becoming a master of social media is all about engagement. How many channels can you honestly manage? It might be a good idea to start with one channel to effectively give value to your community, slowing adding more as you feel appropriate.

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