What to write in your Instagram bio

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Your Instagram bio is like your shop window.

It can take mere seconds for your bio to make an impression of your business to potential customers.

What does your currently look like?

Does it tell your potential customer who you are, how you can help them and the results you can get them?

Here are my 5 steps to check your bio is best.

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1 – Your profile photo

Your Instagram profile image can be either your logo or your photo. Think about what suits your brand more, and what would be recognisable. Make sure it is clear, as it is quite a small space.

You can create or resize images using Canva.

People can relate more to personal photos than to logos so it is worth considering how this fits within your brand.

2 – Make the most of your name

This is the line under the profile image. This will be in bold.

You can use your business name or alternatively you can use this to write something better.

Instagram is used as a search engine, so you need to optimise this section for search.

For example, you can write ‘business coach’ or ‘sweet gifts’.

By using the ‘discover’ tab you can see examples of this to see something that would suit your target market or help you stand out from competitors.

3 – Compose that bio

Every word counts when there is only a limited amount of space.

You need to make sure your customers know you are there to help them specifically!

Compose a bio that explains who you are, what results you can deliver and how.

You can use symbols or emoji to make it more engaging.

If you are a local business, make sure you include your address or location.

4 – Make your link count

You can only add one clickable link to your profile. It is a good way to drive traffic to your website or Etsy shop.

This can be changed regularly, so if you need to highlight specific event details or to a downloadable resource.

There are options to add more links using tools such as Link.tree. This gives you one list that expands into further links. This could be helpful to direct people to other social media channels or specific resources.

These can occasionally be blocked by Instagram, so be aware it usually makes sense to drive traffic just to your website first.  

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5 – Call to action

Make sure you add a call to action.

You need to give your audience an action to take to encourage engagement.

This can be to visit your website, download a great free resource, to sign up to your email list, or to direct message you to book your services.

Make sure people know the next step they need to take.

Measure, change, measure

As with all these tips make sure you measure how these changes affect your metrics.

How many profile views are you getting?

Does this lead to more traffic to your website from Instagram?

You can change your profile at any time, keep a record of previous versions by copying and pasting into your notes section. This way you can reuse text easily.  


That’s all you need to start writing your Instagram bio!

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