What to post on social media during COVID-19?

what to post during covid-19

So I’ve been asked a couple of times about what to post during COVID-19?

I’m keen for you as a business to still be visible with more people scrolling online.

Facebook and Instagram usage is up by 40% due to COVID-19, with views for Instagram Live and Facebook Live doubling in just one week.

You need to take make the best of the situation, but it’s not business as usual.

You are a human, not just a product

Be open, and honest. This has hit everyone pretty hard and addressing this to your audience is a natural first step.

If your business is busier than normal or has had to close you need to make sure you are communicating with your customers.

Service may be slow, things not quite perfect, but this is normal and being able to be open about the reality will help. Uncertain times can be difficult to manage.

How to do this:

Go Live, get your face in front of the camera and talk about what is happening in your business right now and how you feel.

Change your current schedule – it might be wise to adapt or pause your current schedule as some of the posts might not be appropriate. The situation is constantly changing, so regular updates might be the norm for a while.

Spend time building relationships with customers

This is a great benefit to your business at any time but focus on listening rather than posting. Get to know your current followers, the great thing about this situation is everyone is pretty much in the same boat, so you can immediately identify with your customers.

Again, make sure you show compassion, and make it about the person and not selling.

This could lead to all sorts of discovery, how many of your followers are customers? Why do they follow you? I love growing a community around your business, and this is a great way to do it. It turns accounts into people, and people prefer to buy and support people!

Show some love on your follower’s posts, like and comment. The key is to be consistent with this, people love recognition on their posts. Try this for 5-10 mins every day and see what difference it makes to your engagement.

How to do this:

  • Ask thoughtful questions and respond to comments
  • Add valuable comments on other posts
  • Share customer/followers’ content
  • Use question buttons in Insta Stories or include a call to action to contact via direct message

Educate and entertain

So many people are at home and scrolling through their phones for entertainment.

Create valuable educational content for your product or service.

Take some good examples I have seen.

  •  A restaurant closed, now doing Insta Story cooking lessons – asking their followers what they want to see – how to make the perfect poached egg etc
  • Cocktail bar – showing people how to make their signature classics at home
  • Pubs still offering the traditional pub quizzes, but online!

This is your chance to show people the extent of your knowledge and expertise. If you are an interiors company, how can people make their home feel more cosy or special without visiting the hardware store?

How to do this:

  • Film a product demonstration
  • Set a TikTok Channel and just have fun! (don’t forget to let us know your channel!)
  • Introduce yourself and your services, what made you start your business? What are you passionate about?

Just stay visible, it whatever positive capacity. When this is all over you will be in their thoughts and mind, and you never know how that goodwill, will pay off.

If you are still struggling for ideas go and have a look at your competitors and customers, what are they posting? Can you be inspired? How can you add your own spin?

Also, go and interact with other small businesses, especially if they are local. Leaving some valuable comments or a review/recommendation will be a great way to support others during this time.

what to post to social media

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