Save time by batching tasks

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Batching is the grouping of tasks together. This is so you do them all at once, instead of switching between. This not only saves you time but can also feel like less effort.
You can batch all sorts of tasks together – such as taking a day to get together your whole months/year photography. Or writing all your email newsletters for the month at the same time, rather than waiting a week in between.
By starting and stopping this can waste so much time! Try batching instead.
If you are trying to plan, create and schedule your social media all at the same time it might take you quite a while.

✍🏻 Try planning first

You can then see what needs to be created, you can make a list of how many photos, quotes, reviews, stories or videos you need.
You can use a simple notepad or whiteboard, or if you’re feeling fancy create a Trello board.

📷 Then create

This is usually the longest part of the process, but knowing in advance what you need can help you focus on the task at hand. Batch similar content together, so take time to find or take all of your photography, then copy etc.
For graphics, I highly recommend using Canva.com.
By building a library of graphics, copy and photos you are able to save time in the future. Make sure you and your team have easy access to this, and it is secure.

📅 Schedule everything

Once you have a solid plan, and all your content scheduling should be a fairly quick and painless process. This can also be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant.
I use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule Facebook and Instagram.
I also use Buffer for scheduling LinkedIn and Twitter – although Twitter has a new scheduling feature.
Do you batch tasks?

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