Linkedin for my business

If you’ve been ignoring your Linkedin profile because you still view it as a place to host your CV, I’m here to wake you up.
Linkedin has over 875 Million active users.
It has changed a lot over the years, with it feeling a lot like other familiar platforms. Sharing personal stories, educational content as well as entertaining video content.
There is something for everyone and every business.
If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to investigate and start making moves on this platform. It’s a great way to get leads into your business.
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Connect with potential clients

We all know why we are there. To connect with others and grow our networks. It is pretty easy to use the search to connect with the right people.
Are your potential clients using Linkedin?
You can search using keywords, job title or even brand/company name.
You can connect with 80 people everyday. I would be selective and not stick to this too hard, as the platform can go against you for being too active/spammy (eye roll…right?)
Depending on how you feel you can include a polite message when connecting with new contacts. But I leave this blank as I find generic direct messages generally offputting.
When you first connect with someone, Don’t….I repeat…Don’t send a pitch. It’s good practice to build a relationship first. You can also work on attracting people into your inbox through your content.
You can send a message like a human, but be mindful of reading their profile first.
I get a lot of messages from people who haven’t read my profile and are offering me social media services. It’s infuriating, so take the time.

Show you are the expert

Your profile can become a mini-landing page.
You can quite set out your stall with your offer and who it’s for. Make sure you use all the features available to you so your potential client can know how you can help them, and what to do next.
You can use your featured section to showcase case studies, testimonials and services.
Through your valuable content, you can show the breadth of your knowledge. You can create a reputation for solving a specific problem, or industry you support.
You can be the ‘go-to’ person that everyone thinks of.

Build your network

As well as connecting with potential clients, I would recommend connecting with others too. Those you share passions with, want to learn from or could collaborate with in future.
It’s a great way to continue the conversation from real-life networking too, a more 3D business card.
You can build your network with 30,000 1st-degree connections.

Get the scoop

One tactic that gets overlooked is that you can search for keywords in posts. You can find people talking about and looking for your exact services.
You get then respond with some support in the comments of their post. I’ve used this method to help people struggling with social media, or those looking for a social media manager.
This isn’t just searching for people you are already connected with, this can be anyone posting to the platform.
You can also gauge people’s opinions or issues around a particular problem, maybe a problem you know how to solve.
You can then create products or content to help.
Women in a white top holding money

Make more money

I personally feel the difference between Linkedin and Facebook is that people are in a different mindset. They’re not just casually browsing. They’re more likely to be proactive, and in a better headspace to buy.
The platform feels more professional, so it lends itself to professional development and training content. This doesn’t exclude any other business, but this is what I have seen work time after time.
You can clearly see who the experts are, and feel safer with your investment (either time or money).
As a coach, you have the ability to connect with the right people. To create the right content to target those people. To move them into your eco-system for conversion (through your website or email list).
Are you using Linkedin?

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