It’s been a year since I left the corporate world

a year since I left corporate

Without a plan, or any clue what to do next.

 I felt like I was given an opportunity, with the option of redundancy. It was time to explore something new. After working in corporate innovation, I was inspired.
I felt more compelled than ever. Small businesses were the future. Technology changes so fast that the big companies can’t keep up, they were destined to buckle under the pressure.
It was a world I wanted to be part of.
thumbs up smiling
My last day in corporate – thumbs up and smiling!
I took the summer off. I read, I networked, I learnt, and I dreamed. What was the next step, what did my next job look like.
After all I had worked for one large corporate for 11 years, on a variety of projects and roles.
I applied for as many jobs as I could, I knew I wanted to be more local and support make an impact in my community.
After wading through a sea of vague job descriptions I managed to secure two interviews.

Where it all became clear

Only one of the companies had a website, and I think it was created when the internet was invented. It held no real value, and I could not work out what the company really did, who their customers were, or even who worked there.
This flooring company had a motorcycle on the front page. ..and still do.
The other company didn’t seem to exist. Later I found out it was because the online recruitment was managed centrally, and a different name was used for the local office. This did nothing to improve my perception of the company.
Neither had any social media presence.
I found no customer reviews and no way of understanding the values of a company. They didn’t put online visibility as a priority. This to me was worrying.

Finding direction

For years I have been an ambassador for our brand, for digital skills, pushing hot-desking and remote working when possible.
I tried desperately to get our innovation strategy out to the masses via social media. I know how important this stuff is, how vital it is for the survival of any company.
I didn’t realise a global pandemic was the only thing that would bring all these things together, and so quickly.
It’s foolish to think your customers will be your customers forever. For a company to be truly sustainable you need to embrace technology and innovation. The internet isn’t new, I know that, but some people still haven’t caught up.
I was passionate before, but with this massive change in society, the importance has only increased.
I want to help small businesses improve their visibility online, for them to utilise all the digital tools at their disposal. It’s now easier and cheaper than ever to market and automate your business.
I’ve started my business Digital Reeds with social media, as I believe it is an entry-level digital tool the majority can gain impact from.
I loved community management as part of my role in innovation and felt this was a transition, I could give great value too.

The ideal client

I took a part-time job to help with finances and also to learn more about my target market. I worked in a small fairly new beer shop in my home town. A blissful (weather dependant) 10 minute walk from my home and nestled in a mews of small shops.
These were the people I wanted to help. Amazing business owners that supported each other, and their business was a big part of them. They were all at different stages of their digital journey. Some used social media well, some used it occasionally and some just didn’t want to venture into that one as they felt they had enough to do.
These were a great few months of learning for me and sharing knowledge and offering help. I want these lovely people to succeed and not be another victim of the changing high-street.

I want to help others

The vision is bigger than just this one element of business, but I am on my journey.
There is still resistance to change, something I am all too familiar with, and I love the challenge.
I have connected with many local business owners and visionaries in the past year. I continue to grow and learn in new areas and work with some incredible people.
They can all see how passionate I am about change, and I get to be a cheerleader for them too.
I have taken the elements I have enjoyed from my corporate years and blended them with learning skills and creating something new for me.
So much has changed in a year, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will be like. I’m enjoying helping others reach that lightbulb moment. Seeing them understand something new and put in place it in their business.

My mission

Digital Reeds is a mission. To help bring the positives of online to everyone.
 I help local business owners to grow a thriving community of fans around what they do.
 Using organic social media strategies we aim to increase visibility, build relationships and helping make more impact!
a year since i left corporate

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