The hardest part is getting started

hardest part is getting started

For years, I wanted to start my own business, but I wasn’t an expert in anything and I didn’t enjoy any one thing enough to turn it into a business.

To be honest I didn’t even know the driver behind wanting to own my own business.

Was it flexibility, I craved?


Or was it just being of the generation where it seemed everyone online was living the dream?

So after taking redundancy from my corporate job, I took the summer off.

When you’re alone with a cat (who is usually perfectly happy being alone in the house all day), with nothing to do but a bit of hinching it really helps focus your mind.

For a long time now I have enjoyed social media, especially in the forms of ‘influencers’.

They have been key in helping me get out of debt, get into money-making online, hinch my home, create a brand and be creative and confident in myself.

I was born before the internet, and in the last 30 years, it has really had an effect on society. I wish I had beauty YouTubers when I was a teenager. Having someone who taught me how it could be fun managing personal and home finances, or that being financially independent and retiring early actually exists!

I look to the internet for pretty much everything.

It has now become the central point to a lot of our lives. This also means that starting a business or a movement and helping others is now easier than ever.

It doesn’t mean its easy. But it is open to more people now.

When I was taught about business back in school, you needed business loans, reams of paperwork, an understanding of how to write a cheque and now you just need an idea and a computer.

Done is better than perfect

I learn better on the go, so rather than waiting any longer for the stars to align, I went for it.

I set-up a blog using a free online course from Emma Drew. Set-up a Facebook page, and group and started to shape my offering using business plan templates from google.

I wanted to learn what it took to set-up and manage a business, and how social media helped.

I threw together some branding, which is most unlike me as I LOVE branding, but I knew I would overthink it and never get started. So I know a revamp is in my near future.

From my experience, it seems business owners or even people in larger businesses don’t understand social media, they can’t see the benefit and it is difficult to integrate it into their already busy schedule. So I wanted to do it myself, and see what actually is possible.

I’m honest about where I am.  I have gained a lot of knowledge and I know I have a lot more to learn. I dedicate time each day to educate myself, to test and understand.

The current hold back for me is my mindset. I worry I’m not good enough yet, when do I start to call myself a business, how much is my time worth, can I publicise too much….all sizzle no sausage as they say!

Thing is you have to believe in yourself, otherwise, no one else will.


I joined a couple of local small business networks via Facebook, and have been meeting fortnightly with one of them who have been a big help. I think the phrase was ‘just get on with it’. No one laughed when I told them I wanted to help businesses understand social media strategy and offer to coach.

I did, however, get bullied for not having business cards. I have never had a business card – in all of my 13 years of working. Do I deserve business cards? Am I important enough yet?

Don’t worry, I have now ordered business cards. What was I thinking?

The face-to-face interaction is a great addition to connecting with people online. I notice I am very quickly able to get to the core route of the issues and offer my support or advice.

Now what?

I’m lucky that I have some amazing people around me, who are actively supporting me. I am so excited to help passionate people with their businesses.

So the next steps for me – I do have two clients I am working with. I am supporting platform management for Linkedin and coaching for another. I am soon to take on a third client too for a whole social media strategy.

I’m not sure how it has happened, but it seems to be working right now.

I am continuing to document this journey, share tips and advice on Instagram and map and plan my content. I’m still learning, and its great fun!

The hardest part was getting started, just taking one action.

I now make sure I take at least one action a day to move me to my goal.

Big leaps aren’t usually my thing, I like to be intentional with my habits and routine. To conquer one small step each day. This probably flies in the face of the conventional advice to abandon the comfort zone and go where the wind takes you. I’m all for that, but at the moment it seems unnecessary. I’m enjoying the journey right now.

Make one change.

One step toward your goal.

Don’t stop learning.

Surround yourself with people who support your journey, or are doing the thing you want to do.

getting started

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