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It’s little wonder some people shy away from social media for their business.

When looking where to start there are over 6 billion hits on google alone for ‘social media for business’. 

In a fast-paced world and juggling your business how do you take the time to find the right resources for you?

Do you consume free training, video hacks, take a paid course, download guide after guide in a hope you will have time to read them?

Where do you even start?

I am currently trying to explore this, I have barely dipped my toe into the sea of information but have already started to find benefits and insights.

Full disclosure – I am exploring social media and how it can positively affect small businesses. My vision is to help small businesses and owners take their first step in understanding how important the changes in technology are, and how they can benefit their business.

I love collaboration and sharing, so I’m not afraid to share every tip I find useful to others.

It’s seemingly a full-time job just to keep up with the flood of Instagram tips, Youtube gurus and Linkedin hackers. If I can help and be that tester so be it!

But it is worth the time investment, even if you dedicate 10 minutes a day to watch a helpful video or add 30 minutes reading into your schedule.


Finding your guru

How do you become a guru? Just add it to your LinkedIn profile. Done.

But seriously, it can be hard to find the people who can deliver what they say, and rarely do I believe people who say they have a firm grip on the algorithms.

Find someone who has similar values to you, and who you feel gives you value. Learn from them, try out some of their tips and strategies and above all engage and network with that community.

My current favourites are full of energy and motivating with their unique style. They do offer paid as well as free resources. But while you are finding your feet stick with the free resources.

Sunny Lenarduzzi – giving advice and really helpful tutorials, Sunny helps you get the most out of Instagram and Youtube for your business.

Sue B. Zimmerman – sharing her tips and experiences using social media to grow her business, The Instagram Expert gives unmissable daily advice.

Gary Vee – high energy and the odd curse word. This guy is intense, but motivational and leads from the heart. Building business success by focussing on where customer’s attention is.


Think Local

A massive benefit to me has been local networks. Whether this is a formalised business network or just the usual community grapevine – make use of them!


It can be a lonely place setting up your business, and finding localised advice and support is really beneficial.

 If you can’t find a network, think about setting up one. How about a regular informal meet up at a coffee shop, where business owners can just meet each other and offer friendship and support?


Paid courses

So this might be a controversial one, and if you’ve checked out Mike Winnet’s ‘The Contreprenuer Formula’ you might feel a little sceptical.


Don’t always assume that paid courses are better and/or will deliver significant benefits in comparison to a free course.

Thanks to the freedom of the internet, ANYONE can create and send out a paid course, they don’t even need to manage it, they can set up a system that just pops out some content and they receive passive income.

As yet I haven’t felt the need to pay for any additional training or content. But when I do I will certainly look at companies or influencers who have already given me significant value, and when I have seen clear results from their work.


What do you think?


What resources do you use and swear by?




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    Finding your guru

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