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my first blog post - career change

So here it is…my first blog post sharing my journey
exploring the world of social media and digital.

How it started

After 11 years in the construction industry, and seeing the
many changes and impact of technology I decided it was time to explore new

I took redundancy from my role within the innovation team
and wanted to take time to explore something else.

Through my varied role within the industry, I have gained
valuable experience in branding, marketing and digital. I love the creativity
of marketing and innovation, big ideas and delivering real value. I had the
great pleasure of creating and supporting an internal online community of
problem solvers through our innovation platform.

After some time off I knew I loved the freedom from the 9-5,
and thought about how I could combine my joy of building communities of problem
solvers, add value and stay creative as well as having the flexibility of
working from home, or in my local community that I love!

I started to shape what I wanted and reached out to several
people on Linkedin who already seemed to be doing what I wanted to do. It
really does pay to have an amazing network, those I reached out to give me
great advice, praise and resources (Thank you Mark, Becky, Nik and Natasha…and
anyone I have missed!)

Why a blog

I wanted to document my journey, as it seemed getting
started wasn’t as easy as it seemed! It was practical to see how the tools work
using myself as a guinea pig. 

Through some guidance from Mira Rutter ( a lovely coach
again from Linkedin), I started to focus and design what my life could look
like. I knew what I didn’t want to do, but needed to focus on what I did
want…what made me happy.

My current vision started to take shape

My vision is to be able to support local businesses, grow a
community of problem solvers and innovators. Create a town ready for digital
change, and able to adapt and flourish in ever-changing times.

So here we are…exploring the world of social media, digital and marketing. I may have cracked and lost it completely, I might be following a well-worn path who knows.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
— Steve Jobs

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