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Hi, I’m Markie.

With over 14 years of experience from recruitment to construction, my career has been full of variety from marketing, tendering, project management, IT, social value, strategy, innovation and everything in between. 

I love helping businesses succeed, and making an impact. I want to help small businesses be sustainable in all senses, from eco friendly to being able to thrive for years to come!


A career change

I accidentally found myself in the construction industry for 11 years, happens more often than you think. It’s a great industry packed with passionate people who love to build things and transform spaces.

It is an ever-changing industry and feeling the effects of technology and innovation.

I gained so much experience in that industry and want to use that to support others. I genuinely feel that the future is small businesses and that with the speed of technological change means they have the upper hand.

I’ve spent my career engaging and empowering people to create and share ideas. I love being the cheerleader that helps people do what they’re truly passionate about.

Project manager for our charity fundraiser which raised over £50,000 and was a finalist in the Third Sector Awards.
As Innovation Manager - Becoming members of the MTC Coventry

Switching to local

When I was looking for a new job last year, after redundancy, I wanted to work locally.  I soon realised that local businesses were barely visible online. 

If they were visible it was an old website that didn’t represent the company or give any value or clue as to what the business did. 

After several interviews, I realised I wanted to help local businesses.

Some local businesses are an institution and have been around for 20 or 30 years and yet they don’t appear online. 

This is so important to me. If you don’t have visibility online how can people find you? your services? or even find out information for recruitment? You are doing yourself and your business a massive disservice by not being visible. 

I want to help. 

By providing a helping hand, coaching and even a completely outsourced service, I want you as a business owner to put your business in the light. Be where the attention is, everyone is on their phones! I want that attention for your business. 

I can help you build a community of fans who become ambassadors for your business. Social media should feel simple and part of telling the world about your awesome business. Increase visibility, build relationships and helping them make more impact!

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