Here’s what I learned hitting 5k followers on Linkedin

Recently I popped up to 5,000 followers on Linkedin. 👏🥳
I’m sharing my own insight on growing your following.
▶️ Be on the platform a long time and put in the effort along the way. Don’t give up after 6 months because you didn’t get anything out of it. You’ve got to give a lot before you get anything in return.
▶️ Know who you are wanting to network with, grow with, support, and work with, connect and chat with those people.
▶️ Be kind, helpful and valuable, and not just with your posts, but with your comments too.
▶️ Participate and integrate in groups, lives, conversations and even things outside of the platform.
▶️ Be ok with numbers going down as well as up – I clear out inactive accounts or reinvigorate my feed when it feels stale.
▶️ Fast isn’t always better. You might be fast to grow, fast to burn out and fast to quit. LinkedIn likes people here for the long haul.
▶️ Help others achieve.
▶️ Stop hunting for hacks, they’re fun for a while but when they don’t work for you, you switch to something else, chopping and changing is hard work, keep things simple.
▶️ Know what success means to you, and stop comparing.
▶️ Even the big guns need kindness and support. It might seem like even those who have huge followings or are at the top of their industry could do with being cut down a peg or two, but actually everyone needs kindness and support.
▶️ Being visible means you attract opportunities.
▶️ Being visible means…you can also attract the trolls…but they’re usually just projecting their frustrations onto you, it’s nothing to do with you…usually.
There ya go, nothing groundbreaking just graft over time.
👉 What did you learn along the way?
👉 How has your journey been so far?
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