5 tweaks for your Facebook profile to attract more customers

Digital Reeds Facebook Profile
Your Facebook profile is powerful when marketing your business on Facebook. Pages suck, they’re hard and Facebook would rather you paid for ads to your page. So let’s make use of our Facebook profile (within the rules) to talk about what we do. You will need to set your profile to Public.
Here are some quick tweaks that will help you, especially if you are posting into groups.
Has this happened to you? You see a great post in a group, you click their name. What if their profile was family photos with no mention of business? Confusing! Does this person own the business, work for the business, or are they a fan? Makes no sense.
Try these quick tweaks!
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1. Make the most of your cover photo

This is a big space to not be taking advantage of! A photo can look nice, but you can make full opportunity of this.
You can use a Canva template (make sure you test the sizing) or get a professional to help you. Include what you do, the results you get and a call to action. Give customers the next step once they find you. Do you want them to connect with you, visit your website or drop you an email?

2. Smile for your profile photo

Make sure your profile photo is of just you, no family photos (how do I know who you are?). Make sure we can get eye contact. You want them to be able to recognise you when they step into your store.

3. Complete your bio

There is a short area below your profile photo. You can include a call to action or your ‘I help’ statement below. Make use of this, the top of your profile is going to be the first thing that people see.
You can update your intro area and include links to your website and other social media channels. Complete your profile as much as possible. 

4. Pin a post

This is a new feature, at least to me, you can pin a post to the top of your feed. Your very first post that people see can be a resource, link to your website or latest offer.

5. Tidy your content

You want to make sure that the bulk of your content on your profile is yours. Upload your content natively and don’t reshare other people’s posts. Have a good mix of business and personal content. This works well, know your customers will look through your feed, make sure your posts are suitable.

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