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Things you need to do now - hand washing

So whatever your opinion on COVID-19 (coronavirus), it is very likely to affect your business, if not your personal life and local community.

You may have to adapt your business through this difficult time. This might be a great time to try out a new online or delivery option. But waiting for it to blow over or crossing your fingers really aren’t going to do you any favours right now.

Acknowledge what is happening.

I have put together three things you can do now, especially with regards to online and customer engagement.

Please ensure you follow UK Government and NHS guidelines.



Don’t fall into the trap of trying to give medical advice, direct people as much as possible to the official guidelines on this subject. This changes daily and we cannot control what happens but having a plan in place to help us with what you can control would be helpful.

Here are three things you can take care of now – and use your social media channels and website purposefully.

1 – Update Contact Information

Make sure your contact information is correct on all your channels – phone numbers, email addresses etc. Check your website, social media channels and don’t forget Google or Local Directories.

If customers need to cancel appointments or get in touch for any reason they need the right details.

This can be time-consuming, but important. If you can reach out to a Virtual Assistant to help you.

2 – Acknowledge to customers what you are doing as a business

Tell your customers what they can expect from you.

Anxious customers won’t just assume you will be taking precautions, they’d like you to acknowledge and reinforce the message that you are following NHS and Government guidelines for health & safety.

Make sure your customers know, you put your employees and customers safety first. That you are ensuring extra cleaning routines or access to sinks and sanitizers.

You could offer contact-less delivery, online meeting alternatives of other thought out options for your customers to still benefit from your products/services but still working within the provided guidelines.

3 – Advise your customers of expectations

Let your customers know what you expect from them too.

Will you be providing them facilities to wash their hands and advising them to wash their hands on entering your premises?

Are you advising them to stay home and change their appointments if they feel ill?

Think about a customer unable to change their appointment for fear of a fine, would you want them to come into your premises and potentially infect all your employees. Make these points clear to your customers how flexible you are being, and what you expect them to do.

With the advice changing daily I urge you to make sure you keep checking official guidelines.

Ensure the stringent cleaning routines you tell your customers about are being stuck to, that your employees know what is expected during this time.

This is a unique situation and relies on us all being aware of the situation and acting accordingly.

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Stay Safe!

Things to do now

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